John Bullock | CQP MCQI

Head of Quality Management, Skills and Communications Policy Team

Ministry of Defence (MoD)

When Quality really matters the cost of achieving it might sometimes seem high.  However, any cost implications will soon be forgotten, and it is Quality that will endure and will be remembered!

John Bullock

What are your roles and responsibilities at work?

I lead a small multi-disciplined team responsible for developing and delivering Quality Management Policy, Quality related Skills and Competences, and associated guidance for MoD personnel involved with Governance, Assurance, and Improvement activity.  On behalf of MoD Deputy Head of Profession for Quality and the Defence Authority for Technical and Quality Assurance, we work together with our Quality and Configuration Management Policy team colleagues across MoD, NATO, and Industry to promote and embed policy and skills that will deliver improved ways of working now and in the future.

What is your background and how did you get into quality?

I trained as a mechanical engineer and became car service manager for SAAB and Volvo marques before joining the MOD in 1992.  I then worked at RAF St. Athan on a wide range of aircraft ground support equipment until 1998 when I moved to MoD Abbey Wood and first became involved in Quality as a career choice.

I have worked in various Quality Management and Quality Assurance related roles in the MoD since 1998 covering a wide range of activity from policy development, audit, evaluation, and improvement.  During 2013/14 I set up an ISO 9001:2008 certificated business management system for Cost Assurance Analysis Services, a MoD organisation of 450 personnel dispersed across the UK.  I became a Chartered Quality Professional in 2006, and Lead Auditor (International Register of Certificated Auditors) in 2014. 

Without exception, I have enjoyed all of the Quality related roles that I have worked in for the MoD, and in my view the profession is broad, cross-cutting, and value adding.  I have the privilege of working with many fantastic people across multiple disciplines and have had the opportunity of being involved with the quality aspects on a wide range of equipment and services throughout my MoD career.  Through my current work I want to set the framework and encourage the next generation to join our Quality family.

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